Night Eyes Water and Land Care Inc. have received many awards for the tireless volunteering to pursue clean waterways, patrols of the foreshores and waterways including canal developments.

INDIVIDUAL OUTSTANDING AWARDS | Night Eyes Water and Land Care Group

  • With a start some eight years ago as a one man band to keep a watchful eye over our waterways and mainly operating after hours to now being an Incorporated body with a membership exceeding one hundred is an achievement to be proud of. With members from all walks of life the Water and Land Care group Night Eyes is a respected and valued member in the local community. The boat patrols the waterways and canals in the area with a crew of volunteers collecting rubbish disposed of inappropriately. With the amount of time spent on the waterways and surrounding foreshores very little escapes their eyes. A comprehensive data base of operations is kept on the whole operation. Sea grass and Estuarine monitoring are part of the duties with mangrove monitoring to commence shortly. Being members of state and local groups their advice is both given and received by local authorities. The group is members of Water and Land Care Qld, SEQ Catchments, Baycare, Sunshine Coast Environment Council, Volunteering Qld, Land Care and are supported by most businesses and the public in general. The group works with all local community groups for the betterment of the community at large and combined with other groups is the driving force between Clean Up Australia Day and Tidy Towns.

  • Litter Prevention Award
    Litter prevention and clean up is well taken care of in this area by the volunteer group Night Eyes. On the water and land most days of the week the group as well as cleaning the foreshores operate a boat for rubbish collection on the waterways and canals in the area. They co-ordinate the yearly 'Clean Up Australia Day' along with Lions, Progress Association, Naval Cadets, Local Schools, Sport & Leisure for the Handicapped to keep the area clean.

  • Partnership Awards
    The Night Eyes group and Progress Association meet monthly and any concerns are related to appropriate bodies. Night Eyes and Sport & Leisure for the Handicapped support each other with on water operations. Other groups offer input to Council for discussion. Our parks and service areas are well attended by Council staff and the Night Eyes group.

  • Environment Protection Award
    The Water and Land Care group Night Eyes are now heavily involved with, as the name suggests, water and land care.
    Collecting rubbish from our foreshores and waterways will always be the prime function but the Night Eyes group continues with sea grass and estuarine monitoring an important part of tracking our water conditions. The group now assists a local turtle watch group with its activities. Regular leaflets and newsletters inform members and the public of the operations of the group.

  • Sustainable Solutions Award
    Keeping a continuing watch over our waterways, foreshores and canals including new development areas is a continuing task for the Night Eyes group.
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